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"We had a very positive experience working with Nurse Kate. Nurse Kate was extremely knowledgeable, dedicated to doing a good job, and responsive to our needs. This included both teaching sessions, and the very valuable ability to contact Nurse Kate with any of our questions or concerns about our new daughter, Grace. One of the best aspects was that she was able to tailor educational materials and instruction to our specific needs and questions! We would definitely recommend After the Stork with Nurse Kate to anyone looking for a conscientious and friendly teacher for parents of newborn and infant children, and we will be certain to mention her to any of our new-parent friends!"
Jane, Jordan, & Baby Grace

"I am honoured to know Nurse Kate! She is one of the most genuine and caring people out there. To all parents to be, Kate is so easy to talk to. With Kate there is no awkward question and lots of opportunities to learn about your new bundle!"


- Katherine

"We are so thankful to have had Nurse Kate as part of our care team after delivering our son. Her caring nature and attentiveness went above and beyond!


Although we were welcoming our second child, Kate was able to teach us lots of little tips and tricks that I wish I would have known the first time around when welcoming a newborn.


She educated us about updated swaddle and sleeping techniques and how to make our baby comfortable. Kate also was gentle and encouraging about breastfeeding in a way that really helped during the uncomfortable first few days.


Kate’s background in teaching lends itself perfectly to the type of care and education she provides new parents. I left the hospital feeling like I had a wonderful resource to turn to and would highly recommend Kate as point of contact for any new Mom!"

- Megan

"After such a long and hard labour, Kate was such a fresh breath air when it came to caring for my Baby Marco. She not only had so much patience with me and my gazillion questions but she gave us the references, tools and confidence to continue after she had left us. She also does not fail to include daddy. My hubby learned some great tips and tricks and felt very included in our transition to parenthood."

Thanks again Kate!!!

Priscilla & Ricardo

"We called Kate into the hospital because we were not getting the education and services we needed from our nurse after having our first baby. Kate arrived that same day and stayed with us for three hours. She gave us hands on support, practical tips, and comforted us with all of our 'first time parent' concerns. 

We had limited breastfeeding 

education from our nurses and midwives, and no luck with latching our son in the first 24 hours. Once Kate arrived she had us on a feeding plan and our son successfully fed for 40 minutes. In addition to this, she taught us about all the signs and symptoms we needed to look for and provided us with resources to support our learning. We would highly recommend Kate to any new or anxious parents. She truly saved us."


- Deb


"My husband and I were so glad we hired Kate to help us with our twins. We had no experience with babies, and became overwhelmed when our twins lost too much weight and the Lactation Consultant placed them on a detailed feeding plan. Kate clarified any confusion we had, and continued to work with us through this plan in home.


Our confidence grew at home with her hands-on support and telephone service. We had peace of mind knowing that we could call her if need be. This came in handy late on a Friday night, when she helped us work through our daughters constipation and gas pain - Sorry Kate!


Kate practices with such care and patience, taking the time to fully explain things in simple terms and ensures you are on the right track. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone who is feeling anxious or insecure caring for their infant or approaching parenthood for the first time."


With Love,

Kim, Vic, Lauren, & Luke

My wife and I recently had a baby and were privileged to have Katelyn as our nurse and care giver. She genuinely cared for both my wife and baby boy and she took the time to explain different aspects of feeding and looking after our new family member. Katelyn was very knowledgeable about current practices and had tremendous patience with us. I am happy to recommend her to other new parents and would be delighted to have her help us with any of our future needs.

- David

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"Nurse Kate was the star of our post delivery attending team.  Her energy, charisma, knowledge and sincerity guided us through the hours and days following the birth of our daughter.  Although we were "returning parents" our comfort level lacked as infant-hood was a long lost memory.  Nurse Kate gently eased us back to a level of comfort that was all natural and not forced or sterile.  It was a pleasure to have her with us and we are forever grateful."

We thank you again for everything you did!"

- Justin, Nadia, & Baby Chiara

"Nurse Kate helped me after I delivered my second son. She was very thorough in her explanations and really helped me with any problems or questions I had. I had a specific problem with getting my son to latch, and she sat with me and assisted through the whole process, ensuring that I got the best help possible. 


Nurse Kate was one of the best nurses I have ever met in my entire life. She made my visit seamless, answering every question, and expediting my concerns to specialists when necessary. We got to know her on a personal level, and I felt she genuinely cared about me and my family. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for care, as she made me feel comfortable, and I trusted that my son was in the best hands available."

- Kathleen & Family

After the stork with nurse kate

"Kate was truly passionate about bringing the most accurate and up to date information for our newborn. She took the time to answer all our questions thoroughly. She was very approachable and did not hesitate to spend as much as time as needed to help us with our baby. She clearly showed an interest in education and excels in this career path. We are very grateful for her help and support in our first few days at the hospital. Thank you!"


- Cecile & Michele


My husband and I could not have been luckier to have nurse Kate by our side during our first few days with our first baby.

Kate was full of knowledge on everything from newborn care, to mommy care. Her sweet, patient approach to teaching helped make everything feel so natural and easy.

I could not be more thrilled with Kate's approach to care, and would highly recommend her, and look forward to working with her again in the near future.

- Megan & Family

"We had spent all our time preparing for delivery, that when our beautiful daughter was finally born, we really had no idea what to expect. Nurse Kate was there for us to answer any and all questions. With her professional and expert teaching, we got our daughter to latch and started breast feeding right away. She answered tons of questions about breast feeding and supplementing with formula, which our daughter medically needed. She taught us how to swaddle her safely, how to burp her so she would fall asleep, and the key signs of health to look for in the first few days and weeks. It was like learning from a trusted friend. And she explained things in a way that we remembered it forever. She was patient, open-minded, and an amazing resource, which gave us the confidence to be on our own with our daughter. There’s no book that can substitute for hands-on teaching from Nurse Kate."

-- Hsien, Katie, & Hannah

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After the Stork, Nuse Kate, Katelyn Rea, Baby, Parenting, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Birth, Newborn Care, Infant, Moms, Dads, Family, Labor, Newborn, Babies
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