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Parent Coaching

Individual or couples coaching 

The mental health and well-being of a child is highly affected by their home environment. It is said that "in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself".

Parent Coaching is a judgement-free, confidential place to talk about your feelings, insecurities, and issues, in order to gain clarity and support in moving toward your personal, couple, parenting, or family vision. 


As a Certified Coach Practitioner and Master Coach Practitioner my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself as an individual by achieving your personal and parenting goals so that you can feel more confident, happy, and at peace with yourself. In doing this, you will be a better role model to your little one, strengthen your relationship with your partner, and improve the connection of your family unit as a whole. 

I can help you ...


  • Connect with your true authentic self again through a variety of practical methods

  • Learn and develop positive tools to manage negative emotions, stress,  anxiety, and other health conditions that impact your quality of life

  • Re-frame your thoughts and limiting beliefs to create new neuro-pathways, healthy habits, and values 

  • Set personal goals and take realistic steps to achieving them

  • Build your self-esteem, courage, and confidence in your abilities

  • Connect and communicate more effectively with your partner, child, and other loved ones

  • Build a healthier lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, and weight loss counselling

  • Overcome poor habits and improve overall decision making 

This service can be offered in-person or online 


$90/ 1 hour session

Payment: Sessions must be paid in full prior to coaching. This can be done through secure online modes such as PayPal, Square, or E-Transfer.



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