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Guest Speaking

& Events

Need an Expert?

As a Registered Maternity Nurse, School Nurse, and Certified Elementary School Teacher, I love to share valuable knowledge, lessons, and life experience with enthusiasm and care!


If you are looking to book an expert speaker at your next event, trade show, conference, education seminar, prenatal or parenting class, and more I would be happy to help!

My education is thorough, research based, and holistic to consider the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs of parents and their children. My delivery is always positive, motivational, and uplifting leaving audiences feeling inspired, knowledgeable, and well prepared!


Please browse my website to understand more about who I am and the education and services I provide.



Guest Speaking and Events price values may vary depending on the time and

degree to which education and preparation is needed.


Please contact me for more details!

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