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Breastfeeding 101 and Beyond

Meeting Your Specific Feeding Needs

Dive into the depths of breastfeeding care topics, practice getting comfortable with positioning and latching your baby, and learn how to create your own feeding plan with my Breastfeeding 101 & Beyond Course. 


My comprehensive course prepares parents for all forms of newborn feeding to include breastfeeding, tips on hand expression, pumping, boosting your milk supply, storage, suck training, pacifier use, safe use of formula talk and more!


The World Health Organization recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, however, the postpartum process doesn't always go as smoothly as we hope. My goal is to teach parents how to adapt when need be and feel prepared and confident in any given situation.


* Suggested to take in the third trimester between 28-37 weeks gestation or immediately after birth with your newborn. Parents taking this course prenatally must provide their own appropriately sized doll for demonstration purposes.  

Course Length Approx. 3 hours 


Group Classes

Require a minimum of 3 couples

Saturday's from 12-3 pm

or Tuesday's from 6-9pm

Private Classes

1:1 in-home or online evenings or weekends

* Course booklet included

* Note: Couples can use work benefits to cover service costs under "Nursing Duty Services"

Contact us to inquire about Price List

Payment: Price must be paid in full prior to attending workshops to secure your seat. This can be done through secure online modes such as Paypal, Square, or E-Transfer. 


* For in-home or in-hospital courses, A mileage and travel fee will apply over 30 min commute

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